Service Development Day

On 5 January 2018, the Early Intervention and Specialist Teacher Service held a service development day.

Head of Service Dr Shungu M’Gadzah attended an Innovation Event as part of her induction week in October last year and was interested in sharing the tools and opportunities she’d heard about with her colleagues. She invited the Transformation and Change team along to introduce the service to the Design and Innovation Board and help colleagues think about the ideas they could pitch, using service design techniques.

After an overview of why the Design and Innovation Board came into being and how it works, the group broke into teams to create a user journey map of their service. The aim of the exercise was to map out the highs and lows of the service journey form a user perspective, as well as the touchpoints people use to access different parts of the service, and identify opportunities for improvements.

Time was very tight and although not everyone was able to complete a finished product, the session introduced the technique and teams were invited to get in touch with the Transformation and Change team to continue the work.

After identifying some opportunities to do things differently, the teams used a template to start preparing a pitch to the Design and Innovation Board. This asked them to think about:

  • Who is the user you’re targeting?
  • What problem are you trying to solve for the user?
  • What changes and results does the Council want to see?
  • What’s the hypothesis you’d like to test?
  • What does success look like?
  • What investment is required? E.g. time, support, contacts, funding
  • What would be the first step?

At the end of the afternoon the teams presented their ideas back to the group. There were a wide range of excellent suggestions and the day ended with real energy and momentum to move forward. The teams will continue to work with the Transformation and Change team and other colleagues to develop these ideas and start putting them into action.

Overall, the session was a great example of a service area inviting in and enjoying an opportunity to think differently about how they prepare for a self-sufficient future.