STARS of Innovation & Self-sufficiency

Earlier this month the Design and Innovation Board won an award at Bexley’s Staff Thanks and Recognition Awards (STARS) for ‘Innovation and Self-Sufficiency’.

The category title is taken from our Corporate Plan and reflects our Corporate Priority to ensure that Bexley is financially resilient, with growing resources that enable all of our communities to become more prosperous and to promote a culture of innovation, a commercial approach and increase our resources.

We are really proud to have been recognised with this award. Although the Board only formed in January, we’ve managed to get into a rhythm of working together which is helping the organisation make innovation a reality, not just a nice idea.

But the real stars are the people who step up with ideas to do things differently. It can be easy to think “we should change this”, but quickly lose the motivation to make the change happen when tasks from the day job take over. We’re lucky to have people in our organisation who identify opportunities and do the work to implement them. The support the Board and the Transformation & Change team can provide to people varies depending on what’s needed, but the best projects are those with someone passionate from the service area driving them forward.

So thank you to our Board members as well as everyone who has presented to the Board, attended an Innovation Event, worked with someone to develop an idea or even just said “keep going”. We’re looking forward to working with you all, next year and beyond, and seeing some of your projects winning awards for Innovation and Self-Sufficiency in the future.