Using the Business Model Canvas

During the May meeting of the Design and Innovation Board, we took some time to develop our thinking about our role in embedding design and innovation into the organisation.

After a quick video on ‘Why Design Matters’ and an interesting discussion, we started to think about the value that the Board brings to making change happen in the organisation. We broke into smaller groups and used the Business Model Canvas as a tool to clarify how we’re operating now and explore what more we could in the future.

The Business Model Canvas is a template to document your business model. Although the Design and Innovation isn’t a business as such, thinking about the building blocks of customers (users), value propositions, resources and activities helps us to clarify our purpose and operations.

After working in small groups, we pooled our ideas together into one overall canvas, typed up below.

Design and Innovation Board Business Model Canvas

The process helped us to pinpoint what is special about the work that we’re doing and sparked some interesting discussions about what more we could do in the future. In particular, it helped us think more about the breadth and depth of resources and experiences the Board has, and how we could deploy these in different ways to create value.

We’ll be sharing the canvas more widely in the organisation to help people understand the purpose of this new Board and, in true design style, will iterate as we move forward.