Innovation Cards

Sometimes we need a prompt to help us think about an old problem in a new way. So to help teams think differently, we created our own Innovation Cards.


Our colourful Innovation Cards


Innovation Cards are a deck of 52 cards the size and shape of playing cards, each one with a different question on it. The questions are designed to give a different perspective when you’re thinking about creating a new service or changing an existing one.

There are three colour-coded categories of questions:

  • Different goals and situations e.g. What if all your users were 11 years old? What if you had to reach a point where your service is never needed again? What if you had to integrate the service with another Council?
  • A change to resources e.g. What if you had an unlimited budget for staff training? What if you only had one person running it? What if you worked weekends?
  • Role models e.g. How would Apple do it? How would your favourite teacher design it? How would Dumbledore do it? (A personal favourite!)

More examples of the questions on our cards

The questions are deliberately extreme and won’t equate to realistic situations for all services. But this forces us to focus in on what’s really important when we’re constrained, and frees us to push the boundaries and unlock new possibilities when we’re working in a dream world. And of course, have some fun!

So far we’ve used the cards at as part of a brainstorming exercise as part of an Innovation Event and they went down really well. They can also be used in team meetings or design workshops, or whenever you have a moment to pick a card at random and think differently.

If you work at Bexley and would like to borrow a set of cards, or if you’re outside of the organisation and would be interested in purchasing the tool, please get in touch via