Innovation Principles for Bexley

At our first Design and Innovation Board meeting on 25 January, we spent some time considering how we want to operate as a group. In true design style, we came up with some principles for innovation, to share and explain the mind set and approach we’re adopting.

After looking at (and borrowing from) examples from GDS, Apple and Google, we got stuck in with some post it notes. Following a bit of tidying up, we had come up with the following:

Innovation comes from anywhere and anyone – Nothing is too big or too small to consider

Focus on improving outcomes for residents, businesses and visitors – Start with, include, end with and return to users

Give every idea the best possible chance of success

Come with an open and curious mind  – Don’t be hindered by the past

Asking questions is more important than having solutions

Iterate – Don’t expect to be perfect from day 1 (or even day 100)

Fail well – It’s better to get it wrong and learn, than fear not being perfect

Over the next 6 months we’ll be using these principles as our guide, but continue to reflect and iterate as needed to make sure they’re the right fit.

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