Building a Design and Innovation Board

This week sees the first meeting of our new Design and Innovation Board. This is one of four new boards we introduced at the end of 2016 as part of a refresh of our governance arrangements.

The Design and Innovation Board will be the funnel for all the entrepreneurial and exploratory ideas that will help us deliver the innovations we need to become self-sufficient.

Acting as inquisitive friends, Board members will hear pitches for new projects and ideas to explore. They could be changes to an existing services or a new idea for generating income. It might be a big idea or a small one.

Part of the purpose of this Board is to make sure that more teams and services get an opportunity to put their innovative ideas into action and that we have a clearer way to keep track of these projects and share learning between them.

Ideas for the Board to consider may come from one of our other governance boards, such as the Commissioning or Economy Board, or be generated at a facilitated Innovation Event with staff. Just as importantly we want to hear the ideas that have been at the back of staff’s minds as an “If only we could…” thought, and those generated in serendipitous conversations. This is a Board for staff – their space to come and share how we can do things differently and better, and get the support they need to make it happen.


Colleagues developing their customer journeys at our first Innovation Event workshop

Membership of the Board is drawn from across all teams and all levels in the Council, rather than being focused on hierarchy and the “usual suspects”. It will be a bit different from our other boards and over the next 6 months we’ll be honing the style and practices as things develop.

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