Redesigning our staff newsletter


Today we held an event to redesign or ‘hack’ our staff newsletter. Rather than having a protracted series of meetings and consultations, we decided to get some colleagues in a room and see how far we could get at creating something new in one afternoon. Our challenge: how might we create a publication that engages and informs staff, while making the organisation more cohesive, productive and purposeful?


Getting some early ideas down on the flip chart

It was an action packed afternoon condensing the double diamond design methodology into a few hours. Working in groups, participants started by conducting user research to get some inspiration, then developed design principles to define what they were trying to achieve. After this they developed prototypes and tested them against feedback from preheat groups, before refining their designs in a second iteration.


Post its galore as we synthesized the findings from our user research

And by 3.30pm we had a whole lot of feedback and some great prototypes to get us started when we launch a new publication in September. This won’t be the end of the process – we want to keep testing, learning and iterating to create something that is engaging and informative to staff.

Thanks to everyone who came along for their energy and creativity – we hope to run more events like this soon.